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Welcome To My Creations

My Resume 1

My Resume 1
My Resume 2
Fine Jewelry 1
Model for leaf necklace
Fine Jewelry 2
Model for sea shell necklace
Fine Jewelry 3
Detailed Small Carvings
Disney Movie Carvings
Mel Gibson Movie
Inspirational Jewelry 1
Inspirational Jewelry 2
Hand Drawings
Graphic Designs
3D Modeling
Whimsical 1
Whimsical 2
Whimsical 3
Whimsical 4 & 5
Whimsical 6
Home Decors


1800 Laurel Rd. apt. 615 Lindenwold, NJ 08021



 Twenty years of experience in designing, and sculpturing decorative and gift products.

Twelve years of experience as a wax model maker and a designer for sterling silver, 18k gold and pewter jewelry.

Broad knowledge in developing product, executing designs, sculpturing different kinds of figures from small scale to large scale, making molds, casting using different materials and painting.


2005 up to present, Work at Home, Full time Wax Model Maker– – Bob Siemon Designs, Inc., Sta. Ana, California

   Designing, and wax carvings of inspirational jewelry and home decors.

2005-2009 Freelancer Wax Model Maker – Paul Morelli Designs, Inc., Philadelphia, Pensylvania

    Designed, and carved wax of fine jewelry.

1999-2005 Freelancer Wax Model Maker – Bob Siemon Designs, Inc., Sta. Ana, California

Designed, and carved wax of inspirational jewelry and home decors.

Create and cut molds for wax injection, wax investment, soldering jobs and polished jewelry.